Monday, January 14, 2008

Redneck Transportation

As potholes go, this is one heavy-duty redneck hole in the ground. You will not likely find many other potholes that will challenge your driving skills as much as this one will.

Hopefully the parking lot folks didn't charge our victim much to park in this spot because that would be rubbing salt into the wound. This redneck is going to need something even better than 4-wheel drive to escape from this parking misadventure.

Perhaps a few good ol' boys will be milling around come quitting time. Those boys would need to be empathetic gents who exhibit a willingness to pitch in and help our redneck pothole victim extricate himself from this parking lot morass that is attempting to swallow his ride.

Half price just doesn't cut it when describing this misadventure. Call it half off and you have more aptly characterized the remains of this redneck vehicle. Even 50% off would work better.

Now, if this car does not have rear wheel drive, you will be in for a major disappointment when you shift into gear. And once you start tooling down the old highway, things are going to get a mite breezy so bring a sweater.

It is pretty obvious that traveling in this manner gives a whole new meaning to the concept of back seat driver because, in this case, the back seat driver is also the front seat driver.

Plus you can no longer call this cut-rate wonder a sedan, but it's still not a coupe either--not even a sports coupe. I guess we will just have to label it sporty and leave it at that.

In our first video, it's almost tanks for the memories:

Those tank drivers act like they are the only ones on the road, for Pete's sake! That guy needs a bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a Bradley armored vehicle!"

Our next video has redneck written all over it. This video describes redneck better than any other in recent memory. Give a look:

Do rednecks bother to plan ahead? Rarely.

Do they suffer the consequences? Always.

Don't you just love it? Oh yeah!

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