Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cat and The Ipad - Video

Barely on the market for merely days, Apple's ipads are creating unexpected phenomenons with house cats of all things. Because the ipads can go just about anywhere, your favorite kitty cat can get very up close and personal.

Depending upon the application running on the ipad some ol' puddy tats are expressing some fun reactions. Here is a video that went viral in two days with 1.5 million views already. Check it out:

Here is a thought. What if some clever programmer came up with an ipad app just to entertain cats?  Sell a million or so apps at $1-$2 per, and your retirement program is fully funded.

On another subject, a close friend of mine, who had four blogs that were all hosted by Blogger/Google, recently found all four blogs deleted by Google for no apparent reason. One day the blogs were there and the next day they were not.

When he tried to contact Google about the deletion, he was directed to a static web page that stated that the fine print in Blogger/Google's Term of Use (TOU) states that Google may delete your blog at any time for any reason.

That was the only explanation he received, and Google would not answer his email requesting more information. To my knowledge his blogs were not in violation of any of Google's TOU.

They were just gone and he was totally stonewalled by Google about the reason. Obviously, Google does not seem to care much about public relations.

That is the reason I have not been posting lately. It takes a great deal of effort to set up your blog, fine tune it to look the way you want and to post your posts. When a giant corporation like Google says they can take it all away from with one click of the delete button, you sort of lose interest in posting.

If you have any blogs, be sure you back them up frequently. In addition to back ups on my hard drive, I also have posted a copy of all my blogs at McCafferty Himself.

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Connie said...

Cute video, McCafferty. I like when he "played" the piano keyboard. That was fun to watch.

I had no idea Google could just delete blogs with no reason at all!! Yikes! Thanks for the heads up about that.