Monday, January 28, 2008

Proof Irish Hate Englishmen, Shocking Antarctic Weather and the Cat that Loves a Spanking

Many of the Irish really do hate the English, and this video is living proof. The pilot is Irish and the journalist is English, from the BBC.

The language is a little raw, so you have been warned.

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Reading about how cold it gets in Antarctica does not do justice to the way conditions really are way down south. So, here is an up-close look at Antarctic weather.

I live in Minnesota, which is probably the second coldest state in the US after Alaska, and this video scares me too even though I have experienced -34 degrees Fahrenheit (about -37 degrees Celsius) (actual temperature, not wind chill).

I feel colder just watching the vid. Does anyone have an extra blanket?


This kitty just loves a spanking. I guess that makes this video puddy tat S&M?

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