Friday, December 18, 2009

Celebrities Without Makeup

We haven't embarrassed any celebrities lately, so perhaps it is time we perplexed a few by showing you what some of them really look like sans makeup. The science or art of adding makeup to a face appears to have come a long way in the last few years, at least considering some of the differences in the before and after photos that we have gathered here.

Let's take a look (hover your mouse over the photo to pause the array):

One would have to say that there are some real shockers here, such as Sharon Stone and Goldie Hawn. Now those two have aged a bit lately, but Sharon and Goldie really attest to the wonders of what modern makeup can do for a woman's looks.

We remember one post we had from a while back about how nearly anyone could become a supermodel because makeup is now able to hide a plethora of flaws in a model's skin. That post featured a video of exactly how a makeup artist transforms a relatively attractive model into one who appears very glamorous and remarkably beautiful.

The post is at Redneck Super Models. Check it out.

Back at our slideshow, Actress Rene Zellweger's before and after photos are another example that is a bit surprising, and how about Pamela Anderson? You would probably not recognize her before photo at first glance.

Pamela was first discovered when she was quite young at a sporting event, when a cameraman put her on the Jumbotron screen because she looked so pretty. In fact when the audience saw her on the screen they went wild because she looked so good.

Like anyone else the years have taken their toll on Pamela's good looks, but she jumps right into the fountain of youth when the right makeup artist plies his or her trade, taking off the years and transforming Pamela into a great beauty once again.

Jerry Hall once was a supermodel and is the former wife of Mick Jaggar of the Rolling Stones. Without her makeup one would never guess that is the face of a supermodel.

And how about Jessica Simpson? Wow! That one really surprised us. Without her makeup she looks like an Okie from Oskogie. Plus she is only 30 years old, so she still has youth on her side. Despite all of that her no makeup photo makes her look like any other WalMart shopper.

Kate Hudson sure has her work cut out for her, trying to pass for a movie star. Without makeup she would not have a chance of making it on the big screen.

It is a good thing the rest of us do not have to depend on our looks to get us by. What a challenge that would be.

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Anonymous said...

It's all an illusion :))
That's the trouble with make-up, you have to hide yourself half the time just so nobody sees you and asks— "Is that really you? You look so ordinary!"

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McCafferty Himself said...

Some of those celebs look "very" ordinary. I think make-up pros have reached the point where they can make anyone look good.