Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I taut I taw a putty tat

If you thought you saw a putty tat, you did see a putty tat. I used to do a lot more animal videos and somehow got away from it. But it wasn't deliberate, so let's try a few more.

These kitties are smart, resourceful, clever, and unpredictable. In the first video we look in on one very resourceful kitty, who knows how to get what she wants. Of course, we end up with a funny result. This is one thirsty little kitty cat. Let's see how she quenches her thirst:

You will have to admit that we have one smart little kitty here. She was not short changed when they handed out the brains in her family.


Despite being bigger than his opponent, our next feline is a little on the cautious side and wants to make certain that he doesn't get into something he can't handle. So he sort of feels his way into a disagreement. Once he is sure, he...well, see for yourself:

I think it did not turn out quite the way he expected despite all of his calculations prior to making his move. That's life as a cat, kiddo.


Most cats hate the water, but this kitty proves that the term "most cats" does not mean all cats. This one gets an "A" for the cuteness factor, so get ready to get cuted out.

Was I right? Cute, huh?

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Connie said...

Aw...so cute, but I feel sorry for the cats in the first and third videos. That first one, I kept thinking she would stick her whole head in and then either get stuck or spill the water. Put some water in a bowl for that poor kitty, sheesh, she's obviously thirsty! HA!

And the third one, I don't think getting in to share a bath was what that cat really wanted to do! That's one soggy kitty cat. I bet she finds some way to repay her owner later. Maybe by jumping on him when he's sleeping, climbing up his legs with her claws, or coughing up a hair ball on his bed pillow. ;)

McCafferty Himself said...

I dunno, Daisy. I think the cat liked the water on the third one. It did not struggle at all. Usually a cat's legs will be wiggling all over and it will try to grab onto anything with its claws. This cat didn't do that.

I think the water temp was just right, and the owner probably has done this with the cat before. That's why the cat came into the bath from another room. He wanted to go into the water.

Connie said...

Well I watched it again, and I still think that cat wasn't happy. If you look closely, you'll see that the man has a tight hold on all four of her feet so that she can't struggle or get away when he pulls her into the tub. And if you listen, you can hear her growling at him. As soon as he lets go of her feet, she scrambles out of there as fast as she can go. Oh well, either way, it is a funny video! :)

Have a good holiday weekend, McCafferty!

McCafferty Himself said...

Well okay, Daisy, I will admit you may be right. But he may still like it too. Stranger things have happened.