Friday, October 5, 2007

Creative Redneck Transportation

The redneck version of anything is always special, to say the least. First, we have a truly redneck designed and hand crafted Hog, or motorcycle for the less than hip folks in the audience. The mechanic's love for his machine clearly shows through in the workmanship. The guy even added a headlight and horn to this homemade version of "Harley Heaven."

Although it may not be street legal, you cannot truthfully say it is not special.


The following video highlights a redneck version of the bicycle built for...umm...two...I think. This transportation is clearly designed for the couple who are clearly saddled with opposing viewpoints.

The rider in the, the rider to the right decidedly retains the privilege of viewing life from the certitude of hindsight. What's done is done. There is little open to conjecture from his point of view.

The rider to the left, however, is constantly faced with hypothesis and curiosity. What, oh what, lies beyond the next turn? One can only speculate. This machine is proof that perspective is everything.

Next is the redneck lawnmower. Now this is a machine for the weekend lawn jockey in all of us. This grass cutter adds a little panache and flair to what is usually a rather dull chore.

Leave it to the creativity of the redneck mind to tackle lawn work from such a unique perspective.

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