Monday, June 11, 2007

This is Redneck Woman

This is redneck woman; hear her roar. And roar she does; loud and clear.

If you thought that men were the only rednecks out there, you were dead redneck wrong. Behind most male rednecks, there often beats the heart of a less-than-gorgeous redneck woman. And Bubba, these women are no strangers to the redneck way of life.

These beauties come in every shape and size, and most of them put their man to shame when it comes to that redneck attitude. Like your typical weekend athlete, these women know how to make the worst out of any situation. Anything that can go wrong usually will.

You may feel just a little bit sorry for that tiny little boy on the slide that was squashed by the clumsy redneck woman who fell on top of him. But that little Joe Bob may just as well get used to it. If he manages to live long enough to become an actual redneck himself, his redneck woman will probably be squashing him both mentally and emotionally on a regular basis.

It seems to come with the redneck territory.

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