Monday, May 24, 2010

Redneck Truck Driver Hates Pedestrians, Destroys Bridge - Video

An eccentric redneck truck driver proved how much he hates pedestrians when he deliberately destroyed a pedestrian bridge over a highway. A few pedestrians were crossing the bridge at the time of the violent "accident," but none was killed, thankfully.

While Billy Bob "Bubba" Montana was motoring his rig through Istanbul, Turkey, he noticed a pedestrian bridge in the distant horizon. Now ol' Bubba hates pedestrian bridges almost as much as he hates pedestrians, but he would obviously go to jail for running down people. The sanctions against bridge killers are not as high.

Git a load of ol' Bubba in action:

Okay, I admit I fibbed a bit. That redneck was not really ol' Bubba Montana at all. It was his Turkish cousin, Ali Carimbeigh, who is also a redneck truck driver who hates pedestrian bridges. Ali took out that bridge like it was made of spaghetti. That sucker really went down in a hurry did it not?

They are simply going to have to make bridges a bit tougher with drivers like ol" Bubba and ol' Ali around or else they will have ti take away their trucking licenses, but I would hate to be the cop enforcing that issue. Ugh!

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