Thursday, May 21, 2009

Worst Laugh and Smartest Monkey on Earth - Videos

The Worst Laugh on Earth

Today's first video brings you the absolute worst laugh on the planet Earth. The young man saddled with the burden of the world's worst laugh resides in France, which is hardly an achievement that many French would brag about.

A co-worker tells our hero a joke in French, of course, to get him laughing for the camera, and that is enough to induce our man to produce his remarkable laugh. So without further ado, please get a load of the world's worst laugh:


The Smartest Monkey You Will Ever See

The monkey credited as being the world's smartest is really an orangutan, which is close enough to monkey for us. The only parts of the world where orangutans still live naturally in the wild are the forests of the Southeast Asian islands of Sumatra and Borneo,* which indicates that they are truly an endangered species.

Our orange little buddy was clever enough to short wire the electric fence keeping him inside his compound. How the fellow figured out how to short wire an electrical circuit is anybody's guess, but it is quite impressive that he did.

He also was smart enough to build up a mound of debris to assist in his escape. Take a look at our clever little monkey:

*Source: Smithsonian National Zoological Park


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Anonymous said...

I love that monkey one. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

That guy's laugh is a hoot. Where on Earth did he get a laugh like that? Funny!

Connie said...

Oh my gosh! That guy has a real cartoon laugh. Reminds me a little bit of how Jerry Lewis used to laugh in those old movies that he did.

That orangutan must have been pretty smart. I'd be afraid to mess with it.