Sunday, August 31, 2008

Redneck Photoshop - Pantyless Britney Spears and Others

Daisy, over at the charming blog, Smiling with Daisy, provided me with an inkling of an idea a while back when she blogged a post about sites that had online software which gave you with the ability to manipulate photographs in numerous ways. Stop in to see Daisy, when you get a chance because she has a family type blog that looks at life from a funny, warm and wholesome perspective.

Well, kudos to Daisy because her post was the genesis of this post. She manipulated a few photos with some interesting results, so I wondered what the results might be if Bubba, one of our resident rednecks, took a turn at manipulating photos of celebrities. Instead of using online software, Bubba used Paint Shop Pro, a program which is similar to Photoshop, but a whole lot cheaper.

Bubba took some normal celebrity photos and changed all of the colors in the photo to just one color, such as silver, gold and red. Here are some of the results:

Jay Leno:

Jay Leno, star of the Tonight Show, has an very strong jaw that came out even stronger when his photo was changed to silver. The result is that Ol' Jay has a determined but simpler look in silver than he does in real life. In fact, Jay looks like he would fit in very well with Bubba and his redneck friends.

Jay's new look reminds us a lot of Gomer Pyle, from the TV show back in the 1960's. Hey! Gomer! Yeah, Ol' Redneck Jay looks like a Gomer and is a good fit in his silver makeover.


Jud Tylor:

Jud Tylor is one remarkable looking young actress, who was most recently seen with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in Charlie Wilson's War.

Bubba took a photo of Jud from the cover of Stuff magazine, where she looked so very hot, steamy even. He converted her to silver and came up with a hot Jud Tylor, whose bosom looks even bigger if that is possible. But she also looks a bit dangerous. Her hair seems to have changed to scarecrow straw, and her eyes look right through you. Go ahead, look into the eyes of the silver Jud. This girl is scary!


Carson Daly:

For the unaware, Carson Daly hosts a talk show called Last Call with Carson Daly, which airs after the Conan O'Brien Show, which is on after the Jay Leno show. Carson's show comes on around 12-2 AM depending on what TV market you are in.

Carson sports an extremely juvenile looking mustache that makes him look like he's about 16-years-old at the most. He usually wears a suit with a tie that is loose around his neck and his shirts are generally not tucked in even when wearing a suit. His look totally sucks, but some of the teens and 20 somethings seem to like him, which is the market he is after.

When Bubba went to work on Carson, he gave him a fat lip along with a small hole in the end of his nose, which fits right in with the teenage audience that Carson aspires to attract because that age group often seems to be piercing something on their faces.

The silver look made Carson's teeth appear to be decayed, which is a common look from the silver makeover.

At least the silver made Carson's mustache appear more like an adult, but Carson turned down my request to be my friend on MySpace, which means he is now rather low on my admired list.


Angelina Jolie:

Bubba went whole hog on the stunning Angelina Jolie, converting her into silver, gold, and hot red. In the gold and red, she looks like she's in black face, ala one of those movies from the 1930's. But in the silver, she resembles a witch doctor from a Tarzan movie from the 1950's.

What a waste of a beautiful actress, turning her into a witch doctor. Now if she were a high priestess, that would be a fitting makeover for Angelina.


George Clooney:

Bubba made over the peripatetic 47-year-old actor, George Clooney, in both silver and gold. In the gold photo, the makeover results in George's teeth appearing like he just finished eating a package of oreos. Got a sweet tooth George?

All of you women know that George, who is still a bachelor by the way, looks remarkably good in silver, gold or any other color of the rainbow.


Britney Spears Kissing Madonna:

Remember the infamous kiss onstage between Madonna and Britney Spears? Madonna, who has made an entire career based on bizarre and anti-social behavior, orchestrated this little shocker which initiated an international discussion of girl-on-girl action.

For some reason, Bubba especially enjoyed this little makeover, and enjoyed it a little too much at that, I might add. The final products both look a lot like statues to me. Notice, though, how Madonna appears like she has bare arms in the makeovers as opposed to the black sleeves in the original photo.

Because we anticipated this photo would result in a more interesting effect than it did, we decided to add the piece de resistance:


Britney Spears Bottomless:

This is not an x-rated blog and we have no desire to shock anyone, so we chose the less revealing of the two photos on the Net displaying the pantyless Britney Spears for all to see. Plus we have strategically placed an opaque little rectangle on the photo in order to maintain our PG rating.

The silver makeover of Britney sans panties actually makes it look like she is wearing some. How does that work anyway? The makeover is far less shocking than the original photo. Evidently, some things were meant to be observed with the benefit of the full color spectrum, just as nature intended. Go figure.


That does it for this version of our Redneck Photoshop. If you like it, let us know and we may do another, or not.

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Connie said...

HA! Great stuff, McCafferty!

Clooney is the one I thought was the funniest. It kind of ruined his charming good looks turning him into silver and gold-- especially with the Oreo teeth! :D

Jay Leno in silver almost looks like he is made of glass. As big as his chin is, a glass jaw might not be such a good thing to have! :)

Thank you very much for your kind words in promoting my blog. That was a very sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do.

Hope you have a great day, McCafferty! Thanks for brightening mine.

McCafferty Himself said...

And I thank you for the inspiration, Daisy. You deserved the promotion because it was your idea that motivated me.

I might have known that a woman would like the George Clooney makeover most.

Be sure to come back again and don't be a stranger.

Connie said...

They don't come any stranger than me, McCafferty! :D

And I'll be around. I always find a laugh here.