Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Funniest Elliot Spitzer Jokes - Videos - Cartoons - Funny Photos

New York's former governor, Elliot Spitzer, is the butt of countless new jokes. Here are a few of the better ones:

Jay Leno:

"Eliot Spitzer admitted publicly that he was involved in a prostitution ring, which means Hillary Clinton is now only the second angriest wife in the state of New York."

Speaking of angry wives, how about the body language on Silda Spitzer, the ex-governor's wife of the moment, in the photo below. In this case, one picture is worth at least 10,000 words:

Here is more along the angry wife line of thought from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

From New York comedienne Lisa Landry:

"It's just mind-blowing that he spent $4,300 on a hooker. It just shows how high the cost of living is in New York. That same hooker would cost $50 in Newark."

David Letterman is probably my favorite comedian. Here is one of his recent monologues, which devotes almost the entire monologue to Elliot Spitzer:

From Conan O'Brien:

"Gov. Spitzer responded just a few hours ago. He said, 'I violated my obligations to my family and I violated my sense of what is right and wrong.' Spitzer also admitted violating someone named Amber."

Here is another one about body language from Daryl Cagle at


From Comedy Central and the Daily Show:

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