Monday, March 17, 2008

More of the Funniest Elliot Spitzer Jokes - Videos - Cartoons

It's more of the best of the Elliot Spitzer jokes. In case you live on Jupiter, Elliot Spitzer was the governor of New York until he was recently caught in an FBI prostitution sting.

Our only problem is that there are so many good jokes to choose from. We consider that a challenge, so here are a few more Elliot Spitzer gems.

Aah! The Pretty Woman! A less than classic tale of a prostitute and a money monger with hearts of gold, which is a highly unlikely scenario. As I recall, Richard Gere and Julia Roberts live happily ever after in the movie, which, unfortunately for our Mr. Spitzer, is less than likely.

This from Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert:

"I sat next to the guy three times and I didn't pick up on any of this, and I usually have excellent whore-dar."


From Comedy Central's the Daily Show:


There is so much truth to this cartoon. How many jokes do you hear about OJ Simpson or Paris Hilton right now? Not too many. Elliot Spitzer will fade into obscurity just like so many others once a new public patsy comes along.

And you cannot have a proper representation of humor without the remarkably funny David Letterman. Here is a video of one of his recent monologues about the Elliot Spitzer affair:

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