Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Redneck Sets Himself on Fire

The following video is of a redneck who actually sets himself on fire with the help of his so called “friends,” a word used loosely in this context.

When you are still at that immature age where you continue to make questionable decisions, it is probably a wise idea not to listen to your friends who are trying to convince you to set yourself on fire so they can video tape it.

If you get a phone call something like this, stop hanging out with this "friend:"

"Hello, Billy Bob? Yeah, this is Jimbo here. Say, Billy Bob! We’re gonna have a little barbeque tomorra night, so why don’t you come by wearing some heavy clothes and bring some barbeque starter fluid with ya."

"Why? Wall, cuz’ we want to impress the girls by settin’ you onfar and then video tapin’ it."

"What? Ahh, no! There’s no danger. We’ll take good care o you, Billy Bob. You know thet. Okay? See ya then."

You should know that they use the “f” word a couple of times in this one, so you have been warned.

In the next video a couple of racing Porsches bite the dust, which is truly a waste of some fine vehicles.

Our final video shows yet another redneck who is a motorcycle enthusiast who lays waste to his bike through his own poor planning. How do these rednecks get by in a world where they make such huge blunders anyway?

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