Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens, the Hollywood Un-Scandal

In case you have not heard about it, a Hollywood scandal in the making was scuttled recently before it could ever amount to anything. The question is, how could that be even remotely possible in our scandal loving society? That does not sound like the Hollywood we all know and…love?

Naturally, Hollywood thrives on scandals. You know the old saying: any publicity is good publicity, or something along those lines.

It seems that Vanessa Hudgens, the remarkably cute, co-star of “High School Musical 2” was caught with her pants down, literally. “High School Musical 2” is playing on the Disney channel, and, of course, we all know that wholesomeness and Disney are virtually synonymous.

Well, Vanessa had somehow allowed a nude photo of herself to escape onto the Internet, and the idea of a nude 18-year-old Vanessa floating around the blogosphere promised to irk even the most liberal Disney executives.

Vanessa and “HSM 2” both cater to the tweens, those youngsters who somehow no longer qualify as children and who now yearn to be teenagers. Really! There are people who want to be teens.

If you are a 10-12 year-old male suddenly awakening to sexuality, Vanessa is to die for. If you are a similarly aged female, this 18-year-old star is your ultimate role model.

Well, naturally, the Disney folks were truly worried that parents would rebel at the concept of their daughters trying to be more like a naked Vanessa. It’s okay to emulate a wholesome Vanessa, but naked on the Internet? Your kids can beg, “Oh, please, Mom,” all day, but nudity and Disney simply do not mix, and what Mom longs to see her daughter in the altogether on her MySpace page?

There were predictions of Vanessa getting sacked and the belief that mothers everywhere would be up in arms. Gossip pundits unanimously promised that Disney would crack the whip with Vanessa.

Do you know what happened? Disney said, well, that is unfortunate, but we can live with it. We sure hope that Vanessa has learned her lesson.

With that, an enormous scandal simply evaporated. Disney responded in a mature and adult manner, and the rest of Hollywood said, “Oh…”

I just do not get it! Hollywood executives behaving in a completely civilized way. What is our world coming to?

If this type of behavior were to continue, who knows what else might happen or might have happened? Imagine George Bush in 2002-2003 telling the nation that he really wanted to invade Iraq, but his inspectors were not able to find weapons of mass destruction. Would George really have said, “Let’s avoid a blood bath and spend our time fighting the real war on terror.”

Maybe Osama Bin Laden will produce another video telling America, “You know, I had intended to bomb Americans back to oblivion, but…never mind. I guess I will play golf instead.”

What if Lindsay Lohan told reporters, “I probably should have been out last night partying, but I decided to stay home and read a book.”

If this totally unpredictable behavior from a Hollywood powerhouse like Disney catches on, and other people also begin to behave in a similarly rational manner, it may intimate one very scary thought: there may be hope for the world yet.

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