Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Paris Jail Release Photos

Here are some photos I found at different sites on the net of Paris Hilton being released from jail. Look at them now, because the lawyers will probably be yelling to take them down due to copyright issues.

This 26-year-old socialite looks pretty happy to be free at this point. Here is Paris as she walks out of the jail house.

What I have noticed is that a whole lot of people are pretty mad at all of the publicity that Paris has been getting for being a bad girl.

The younger folks just do not know that this is how it is in this world. And this is how it has always been.

Paris Hilton is probably the most famous person in the world today, and it is not because she has accomplished anything in her young life.

She is a 26-year-old lily white porn star who was a nobody until she exposed herself to the world with an x-rated Internet video.

Before that she was nothing but a spoiled rich girl.

Now she's a spoiled little rich girl who's been to prison--for 23 days. Big deal!

Here is what Forbes and the in Great Britain said Paris has earned in recent years:

2003-2004: $2 million.

2004-2005: $6.5 million.

2005-2006: $7 million.

Does anybody want to guess what she will make in the rest of 2007? I think it will be a whole lot more than that.

Hugging her mom Kathy Hilton

All because of a DUI and driving with a suspended license.

A DUI costs normal everyday people a small fortune in lawyers' fees and court costs, and high auto insurance fees.

Paris is turning 23 days in the slammer into a bonanza.

Paris and Mom, Kathy, in their SUV

Just think of what may happen now. She begins with the Larry King show. After that she will obviously have offers for public appearances, movies, videos, musical appearances.

It doesn't matter if she has any talent or not. She is a household name now, and that sells. People will tune in just to see Paris, the poor little rich girl porn star turned parolee.

They say in Hollywood that any publicity is good publicity. Well, now we will see if that is true.

If Paris' career skyrockets from this point onward, those 23 days in the cooler will be time well spent.

It is quite likely that she will make a whole lot more than the $7 million she made last year. But, of course, to her it is not the money because she has all of the money that she needs.

Pairs seems to need to be wanted and loved, and, sadly, this will bring some of that to her in the form of fan worship.

Think there are enough paparazzi?

To top it all off. She is going to have to live in this dump in Bel-Air.

Poor little rich girl!

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