Monday, June 25, 2007

Huge Party Planned for Paris Hilton

Our favorite Parisian, Paris Hilton, is wasting no time getting back into party mode. The Times of London is reporting online that Rick and Kathy Hilton, Paris’ parents, are planning a huge bash at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas after her release from the slammer on Tuesday.

Kathy Hilton is reportedly “seeking sponsors” for Paris’ welcome home party in Caesars’ casino. It appears that we now know where Paris learned her yen for lavish parties. When you are “seeking sponsors” for your coming home bash, it is unlikely that it will be a small family affair., on the other hand, is reporting that Kathy Hilton said she is planning only a time at the family home for Paris to “decompress.”

And, according to the Associated Press, Paris is scheduled to be Larry King’s guest for one hour on Wednesday, June 27th. There had been rumors that Paris was to receive as much as one million dollars to be interviewed on the Today Show on NBC. ABC also was rumored to have Barbara Walters interview Paris.

However, CNN’s spokesperson, Bridget Leininger, confirmed that Paris will be on “Larry King Live” on Wednesday. CNN has stated that Paris is not receiving any compensation for the interview.

If the party rumors are true, hopefully, Lindsay Lohan will be released from her rehab session at Mailbu’s Promises addiction clinic by the time Paris’ party rolls around so that she would be able to attend the gala. But that is probably unlikely.

Lindsay had to cancel her own birthday bash scheduled for July 2nd at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas because of her stay at Promises. Paris will undoubtedly not wait to party hearty because she has denied herself any indulgence since she entered the slammer the night of June 3rd.

23 days without indulging is difficult for any addict, so you should rest assured that Paris is ready to party. It seems that her parents appear ready, willing and able to help her obtain that goal.

It sounds a bit like a broken record, doesn’t it? Paris ends up in the cooler because she violates her probation which started with a DUI. Now it appears she is all set to do it all over again.

Some things never change.

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