Saturday, June 23, 2007

Paris Prison Release Tuesday

Paris Hilton is scheduled to be released from prison on Tuesday, June 26th, the early release will be her reward for her good behavior while incarcerated.

It was originally reported by “The New York Post” that Paris had landed a one million dollar payday for an NBC Today show interview after her release, however, NBC has denied this rumor. She was also rumored to be scheduled to be interviewed by Barbara Walters of ABC, but ABC has also denied that report.

It is certainly possible that the two networks were competing for the first post prison Paris Hilton interview but then backed off because of negative public reaction. ABC News and Reuters are reporting that all three major networks are denying that any one of them intended to interview our favorite Parisian; however, it is more likely that they were simply testing the waters to gauge public reaction to the concept.

When public reaction turned negative toward a celebration of her release from the cooler, the networks probably thought better of their plan to reward Paris and her Parasites (supporters) with even greater media attention. It is very likely, however, that Paris will be able to turn this jail time into a hefty payday. Her name is now a household word, and dollars usually follow celebrity in the good old USA. A smaller media entity will probably make the jump to touting Paris’ release with an interview or TV show of some sort. As long as the payoff is under a million dollars and they are discrete about the affair, the uproar might be kept to a minimum.

The Washington Post” reported on Saturday that “People” magazine confirmed that it has cut a deal with Getty Images for first photos of Paris’ release. “The New York Post” has reported that deal could be worth as much as $300,000.

In an issue related to Paris’ prison release, the international liquor consumption rankings were recently released. The USA wound up in 40th place internationally when it comes to liquor consumption. The US used to be in first place in past years, and for years drank in the kudos for being the king of consumption. However, it is rumored that the US might once again regain its old world ranking title once Paris Hilton is released from slammer and Lindsay Lohan finds her way out of rehab.

LA nightclubs have been hurting for business since the two celebrities were forced out of the nightclub scene. Layoffs and grumbling have been the mainstay at most joints. The duos’ release should add a bit to the morale of an industry that was recently ailing. Then, with those two at the helm of our ship, we should be able to again bring the USA to a position of prominence within the liquor consumption rankings.

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Anonymous said...

I am so tired about hearing this tripe, as are many others around the world. The WORST thing I have seen come out of this is when the TV news and many magazines say,
" give us your opinion". Overwhelmingly, the public 'says please make this go away' or 'we are tired of hearing this'. But do they stop? Do they find other things to report? NO! Then why ask us what we think?

McCafferty Himself said...

They don't stop because Paris Hilton is one of the most searched terms on the Internet with over 44,000,000 sites turning up on Google.

They don't stop because it sells, and everyone follows the money.

Anonymous said...

No, we're all tired. They don't stop because they get paid to put this stuff out there. Any reasonably good looking person with millions of dollars to pay publicists can get this kind of machine. We are tired of it, we are told she's a celeb--The world's most overrated porn star with enough money to buy all the press.