Monday, May 28, 2007

Britney Spears Road Construction

Ah! The peripatetic Britney Spears can't stay in any one place for very long. And she is always forgetting to finish dressing. She should keep an extra pair of panties in the glove box for emergencies such as this.

But, of course, where would the publicity be in that? No self-respecting paparazzo would waste film on a pair of panties, not when au naturel is a viable alternative. That candid photo of Brittney's nether region had to fetch at least six figures. I doubt that the Tabloids would even dish out two bits for a panty shot these days.

Of course, the Britney Spears, the Christina Aguileras and the Paris Hiltons of the world realize that skin is in. That is why they show so much of it--because sex sells, and sex makes for much bigger paydays. Although why a billionaire heiress like Paris needs a bigger payday is a bit of a mystery.

Poor Britney earns a mere $70-80 Million per year, and that must be very hard to get by on. Paris' illions, on the other hand begin with a b, not an m, which means that an extra million or two will not really make any significant difference to her.

For Paris, the thrill must be in the chase rather than the pay check, which must make her upcoming incarceration all the less bearable. It is difficult to chase anything when you are locked up 24/7.

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