Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Funny Case of Wild Police Hot Pursuit

Apparently a police high speed hot pursuit does not mean quite the same thing in Romania as it means in most other parts of the world. Such a phrase usually draws visions of flashing squad car lights, loud police sirens wailing their song and near brushes with death as tires squeal around sharp corners.

In Romania, the police move at a different pace than in America. In Romania the police, they...well, they...Perhaps it would be easier just to watch for yourself:

Yes! That certainly was a dangerous high speed hot pursuit. It is truly amazing that the officers are able to keep up such a rapid chase. Did you skin your knee when you tripped officer? That must really hurt!

Yes, officer, is this your gun? It seems you dropped it because you were in such a hurry. Oh, no! Don't worry! I won't tell your captain.

At least the Romanian police can boast that they have very few fatalities due to high speed pursuits.

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Connie said...

HA! Kind of following in the footsteps of the Keystone Cops a little there.

Happy Halloween, Mic! :D

McCafferty Himself said...

Daisy, that is exactly what I thought when I first saw it. We must be close to the same age.