Saturday, May 12, 2007

Is Paris Hilton Tough Enough for Jail?

Well, it is time we dumped a little more on poor Paris Hilton, the billionaire heiress who is scheduled to enter jail on June 5th to serve a 45 day sentence for driving her Bentley with a suspended license.

Of course, any young woman who is as pretty as Paris is had better be prepared for the rigors of the big house. She certainly wants to avoid a situation where she cannot take care of herself in a confrontation with one of the tougher inmates.

Along that line, we have been well assured that there is no truth to the rumor that Paris attempted to obtain shower fight tips from Martha Stewart, another well connected billionaire, who was forced to suffer the indignities of living among the more common folk on a federal government sponsored incarceration. Paris still has time to learn the basics of survival from a self-defense instructor before June 5th, but she better not dally.

If there is any truth to the rumors of what goes in one of those institutions, Paris could be in for a rough ride.

It has also been said that Paris sought permission to videotape her conjugal visits. Imagine what that would do to her bad girl image if those tapes surfaced on the Internet. Or imagine the price a couple of convicts could get if they taped having their way with Paris. That would draw a pretty penny on some of the tabloid shows. Something like that could bring in something in the six figure range, and it wouldn’t hurt Paris’ image much either. Headlines that scream “bad girl is treated In a very bad way by some ‘bad’ inmates.” It is even possible that Paris’s publicist dreamt this whole event up so that the bad Paris Hilton suddenly would seem like a victim at the hands of a more vicious group.

But, of course, Paris could be-friend one of the tougher guards in order to enlist the services of a protector of the weak. She could easily afford to change the lifestyle of someone who went out of his way to watch out for her. You can bet that some in the media have been trying to buy their way into getting some photos or videos of her life in the penitentiary. Paris will need guards on her side just to fight off the prison paparazzi, who may go to extraordinary lengths to get the photo shots that will sell for the big bucks.

Just think of the publicity that this situation might develop. On one side you have the photo hungry media that would devour and quickly blow out of proportion any photos that might emerge from Paris’ prison exploits. Paris’ publicity people must be prepared to spin anything that surfaces from this incarceration situation.

The next few weeks may be very interesting as each side prepares its lines of defense and offense.

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Unknown said...

Poor little rich girl. Ironbed here, McCafferty. Thanx for the link exchange, I really am enjoying your site.

McCafferty Himself said...

Ironbed, Come back often. Thanks.

McCafferty Himself.