Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dumb Blonde at a Gas Station Joke

A blonde drives into a gas station and asks for a "710."

All the male employees exchange puzzling looks at each other. Finally, one of them can not stand the embarrassment of not knowing what she is talking about and asks, "Lady, what's a 710?"

The woman answers "Come on, you know...It’s that thingy that’s located around the middle of the engine. I must have lost mine and now I need a new one right away."

"Well, what is this 710 for? What does it do?" another mechanic asks, admittedly embarrassed that he doesn’t know.

"Well guys...I don't know exactly it does, but I do know that it is located in the middle of the engine," the woman replies.

Everyone is completely puzzled, and none of them can understand what she is talking about. They all feel very awkward because they feel that men should know about the workings of a car's engine.

The first mechanic has no other choice than to give her a pen and paper and asks her to draw what it is that she is looking for.

The lady starts drawing a circle about three inches in diameter and then writes "710" in the center of that circle.

When the mechanics look at what she drew it all finally makes sense to them:

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