Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rain and Thunder Sound Effects - Remarkable Videos

Perpetuum Jazzile, a group from Ljubljana, Slovenia, uses their hands and feet to simulate the sound of rains' pitter patter and thunder's roar. Although this video does not qualify as a humorous post, I thought its unique appeal demanded that I post it.

In addition, the group also performs more mainstream music. Check out the following video for an unusual but pleasing rendition of Cudna Noc (Strange night):

If you want to learn more about or to hear more Perpetuum Jazzile, their English version web site is Perpetuum Jazzile.

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Connie said...

I really liked both of those McCafferty. The first was very cool and looked like a lot of fun, and the second was quite enjoyable to listen to. Thanks! Hope you are having a good weekend. :)

McCafferty Himself said...

Thank you Daisy. They were definitely different from the type that I have posted previously, but variety is the spice of life as they say.