Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why You Should Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Video

Have you ever heard of the expression, "Let sleeping dogs lie?" There is a great deal of common sense behind this expression, but this video adds yet another reason to heed the wisdom of the quote--a reason no one ever thought of before. Please don't try this at home because Fido may turn on you if you do.

Ouch! Suddenly I have a headache.


I am not sure why I like animal videos so much, but I do. Our second video may be another animal video that features a dog genius or it may just be David Blaine in disguise. You will have to judge for yourself because I am not sure.

Yes! That is David Blaine alright. I don't even know why I doubted it.


Reporter Meets Horse's Butt
Reporter Meets Horse's Butt

Sneezing Panda
Sneezing Panda

Otter Heaven
Otter Heaven - This one is really cute.

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Connie said...

Aw...that poor fellow in the first video. That had to hurt! What a rude awakening that was. That second one is an escape artist extraordinaire! HA! Great stuff, McCafferty! :D

McCafferty Himself said...

And did you get a good look at the beast afterward? He looked like deja vu all over again. Like..."Oh man! I can't believe I whacked my head into the wall again! When will this ever stop?"

Poor puppy.

Lisa said...

Haha... this is really funny, although its probably painful for the dog running into the wall. Do you have any idea how old it is?... reminds me of my 4 months old Golden Retriever...

Anonymous said...

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