Friday, January 9, 2009

Ain't Nothing More Fun Than Kids and Pets - Videos

I Want it Now!

Kids are often a barrel of laughs, especially if they are your kids. When they are very young, they are incredibly cute, but they often get into the most ridiculous mischief.

That is what happened here. A little girl saw some toys she wanted, so she decided to go after them regardless of the consequences. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.

This video has been seen in a few places even though it is not that old. Even David Letterman has had it on his show. So, if you have already seen it, ah well.

Also, some of our vids are hosted by Wat, which can be a little slow to load even on a high speed connection, so please be patient. It will load eventually.

We do not know what this little girl will do for a living when she grows up, but you can be sure that she will excel at it. She does not understand the concept "it cannot be done."

And how about that mother? Obviously, this little girl has done this sort of thing before. Most mothers would be freaking out, but this one takes it all in stride. Just another day in the life.


The Great Escape!

What can be just as cute and funny as kids? Pets. Just like kids, pets can be just hilarious. Our second video depicts a very resourceful dog who is locked inside a fenced in yard. Spot knows there is a great big world out there just waiting for him, if he can only find a way out of his prison.

Whoever said that dogs cannot climb trees has not met our dog Spot. This dog is so smart that his owners are enrolling him to go to school with people. Atta boy, Spot.


Kids and Pets! What a Treat!

How about both kids and pets? Combine the cuteness of kids with the unpredictability of pets or animals and you have a surefire winner.

What did I tell you? Way too cute.


Panda Makes a Break for it
Panda Prison Break Caught on Video

Sneezing Panda
Sneezing Panda

My Favorite Baby Joke
My Favorite Baby Joke

Vacation Bloopers Vid
Vacation Video Bloopers (More funny kids on film)

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Connie said...

Those were great! I can't believe that little girl was able to climb clear inside of that toy machine. She is one persistent little gal.

The dog ought to be called Houdini Hound the way he is able to escape!

And the last one was so cute just as you said. Giggling babies get me smiling every time.

I enjoyed those, thanks!

Happy Sunday to you, McCafferty! :D

McCafferty Himself said...

Daisy, Isn't that little girl something? I am surprised that she did not bring a toy with her when she crawled out of the machine.