Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Funny Candidate License Plates

With election day almost upon us, we thought we would research the presidential and vice presidential candidates and their license plates to see if we could learn anything or find anything humorous about them. Let's see how they look.

Sarah Palin:

Wait a minute...this cannot be right. There is something wrong with this one. This cannot be Governor Palin's license plate, although it is from Alaska and it is a government plate, which is what a governor might use. We will have to look into this one. It seems there is some shenanigans afoot.


John McCain:

Well, Senator McCain did say that he owns 13 cars, so it makes sense that he would have several different license plates. They all fit our man McCain. Hey, wait a minute. McCain didn't serve in the Civil War, did he?

Oh, it's just another age joke. McCain should tell folks he's 72 going on 22 because he has so much energy.

Barack Obama:

Barack Obama is a US Senator from the state of Illinois, so it is natural that he might have both Illinois plates and plates from the Washington, D.C. area. Virginia fits right in there. "Obama 08" sounds just like Obama man.

"God Complex" is not something that Obama would put on his own plate. I think the second one is a fake. It's probably something the Republicans slid in unobtrusively.


Joe Biden:

It appears that Joe Biden's plate has a double meaning. Joe could mean he is biding (biden') time, or he may mean it's Biden time, as in "it's Miller Time."

Personally I think he means let's have a tall cool one, and I am not talking about Sarah Palin again. Joe looks like he might be the type of guy who would kick back for a beer break. Either way, I think Joe's plate is the cleverest of the group.


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