Sunday, April 27, 2008

What's More Redneck Than a Redneck Trailer Home?

What makes a Redneck house a home? The soft warm touches that you apply to your home are what differentiate your home from all of those other more mundane houses, of course. Those changes are how you make your house your home.

Having said that, the following houses should in no way be labeled mundane, but we do encourage labeling them as Redneck because the touches added by the owners are the opposite of soft and warm.

Whatever some of the homeowners were thinking when they had these beauties built is any body's guess. Whether they qualify as homes rather than houses, however, is for you to decide. They definitely qualify as Redneck though.

It is safe to say that no ordinary redneck home is as creative as these highly unusual buildings. To my knowledge, none of these photos presented here have been photoshopped. So these wonders actually are what they appear to be.

Although the builders' motivations when they created these abodes will forever remain a mystery for many of them, the builders were most likely the attention seeking type. Because these houses definitely will draw stares from passersby.

Our first house is from Japan, where square footage in a home is often kept to a minimum because of land cost. Notice the small footprint on the ground. This building appears to have little room inside unless it features many stairs, which, I have heard, is common in Japan.

The creator of this property obviously had an upside down view of the world. The home was built prior to the current housing crisis, so it is unlikely that the homeowner was upside down in his mortgage like some unfortunate homeowners are today.


Our second home is also upside down, but this home was built as a political statement by Daniel Czapiewski in Szymbark, Poland. Daniel had a few extra zlotychs (the Polish currency) so he built the upside down house as a way of voicing his opinion against the logic of the Polish communist government's methods of governing.

Most people make political statements in writing or speeches. Daniel followed a different drummer, and the ensuing short video explains more about Daniel and the topsy turvy political statement he built.


This building or group of buildings is one of my favorites. The colors are remarkable. In fact, it almost appears that the builder let his kids loose to draw on the outside of the structure, which is replete with lots of hearts and funny faces.

It might be a bit strange though, being single and living here. Imagine bringing your special friend back to your place. One look at the outside would scare away all but the most open minded individuals.

It has been said that being too open minded may allow your brains to fall out. Just such an occurrence is a distinct possibility here.

Imagine throwing a party for your friends from work. "Just follow 4th Street until you come to the crayon colored house."

Your co-workers certainly would not see you in the same light anymore once they were back at the office.


Are those faces looking back at you from this photo? The second floor windows definitely appear as eyes, although the mouth seems somewhat evasive.

The structure appears as if you were looking at a fun house mirror--like your belly or your butt is really fatter than reality. This building looks more like a facade on a commercial building, but that's okay.

It's the odd look we're after, so commercial property is just fine. This one has a very pleasing look. If it's a restaurant, the dining experience shows promise.


The world's first, and hopefully last, toilet shaped house was built by Sim Jae-duck, the South Korean born chairman of the organizing committee of the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association.

I, for one, never knew that there even was an Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association. But I lead a sheltered life anyway. I am sure you were aware of the Association, weren't you?

It is really too bad that old Sim wasn't named Sim Jae-Loo, which would be a fitting name for a house built like a loo. But that would have been too easy. If you are going to make jokes about the toilet house, we're certainly not going to make it that easy for you.

Sim Jae-duck's motivation for creating this giant commode was to draw attention to his feeling that there is an urgent global need for better sanitation. Evidently ol' slim Sim wants us all to flush more often. I wonder what happens to the furniture when he flushes?

Sim named his creation Haewoojae, which is Korean for “a place of sanctuary where one can solve one’s worries." Well, all of you wives know that is what men use the loo for anyway. There is nothing new in that.

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robkroese said...

The Polish government can't be too bad if it lets you build an upside down house. The county building inspector bitches if I use the wrong size nails.

McCafferty Himself said...

I once had a girl friend who used the wrong size nails, but that was a whole different matter.