Monday, October 29, 2007

Register Your Vote to Fire or Not Fire Vanessa Hudgens

Should Disney fire Vanessa Hudgens and hire someone new for the filming of High School Musical 3? Register your vote in our totally unscientific poll.

To refresh your memory, Vanessa is that remarkably cute 19-year-old actor that starred along side Zac Efron in High School Musical 2, which is a huge hit on the Disney Channel. The tweens all seem to love it and anything else about HSM2.

Someone leaked photos of Vanessa in her completely natural state onto the Internet back in September. The photos were taken when she was 15 or 16-years-old, which would probably make them child pornography from a legal standpoint.

Since then, the tabloids, the Hollywood TV shows, and the tablogs or blogoids (blogs that gossip about Hollywood stars) have been constantly circulating and re-circulating rumors that Vanessa will be fired.

So far, Disney has stuck by her, but some Hollywood insiders insist that Vanessa getting canned is only a matter of time.

It is probably time that the public weigh in on the matter, so now you have a chance to cast your votes in our poll. You get to help decide Vanessa’s fate by voting in the sidebar column to the right. Results will be published on November 11th.

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Anonymous said...

They signed her for Part Three. How much longer can they do these things?

Grad School Musical!!

McCafferty Himself said...

How many "Rocky" movies did they make? More than I can remember. They will probably keep going with them as long as the demand is there, and the tweens seem to love it. They are the driving force behind the demand for sequels.