Friday, September 7, 2007

Criss Angel Levitation, Halle Berry Pregnant, Paris Hilton Pregnant?

Here is magician, Criss Angel, performing one of his levitation tricks. Initially, the trick looks rather impressive until you check out his trousers. You can see that his pants have a lot of extra material in them in order to hide the additional support he is getting from them.

The second video is a Criss Angel video explaining how he performs one of his levitation tricks. Since there are many sites on the Internet that are revealing how magicians perform many of their tricks, perhaps Angel is merely beating someone to the punch when he reveals his method.

What the Internet really needs is a video explaining how Halle Berry still looks so good while being pregnant at 41 years of age. That's right, Ms. Berry has announced that she is now with child.

The father is her boy friend and male model, Gabriel Aubrey, 32. With parents like that, how can that kid not be good looking? Look at the scull cap and goggles Halle is wearing in the photo. Do you know how bad most of us would look wearing a getup like that? Yet Halle easily pulls off wandering about town wearing those things.

Some people just know how to choose the right genetics.

Speaking of pregnant, guess what Parisian revealed that she wants a baby by next year? That is right, Paris Hilton, our favorite Parisian, announced that she is trying to get into better physical shape so she will be ready for a pregnancy.

Poor Paris doesn't realize that having a tight bod is only a small part of preparing for motherhood. Being emotionally mature just might help a bit too.

Alas, that option seems to be closed to poor Paris.

Talk about luck of the draw! Which one would you rather have as your mother, Halle or Paris?

Not too much of a contest there.

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