Monday, September 17, 2007

Britney Spears Pays Off K-fed, Linsay Lohan Quits Showbiz

Britney Spears will or will not lose her child custody battle on Monday: take your pick. The predictions are all over the map on this one. Australia's Herald Sun newspaper is reporting that a "secret witness" is scheduled to testify on Monday about Ms. Spears' drug use in front of her children.

That type of testimony would surely sway most courts. However, other reports state that Britney and Kevin have already reached an out of court agreement that would allow Britney to retain her current custody rights of 70/30 (Britney gets custody 70% of the time). All she has to do is pay K-fed a mere $2 million to drop the custody case.

Those reports indicate that Kevin has already agreed to the deal although the ink on the contract is barely dry.

The Associated Press is running with the story that K-fed's lawyer has petitioned the court to permanently seal all custody court documents to keep the prying media away from the truth.

My money is on the money aspect of this case. The $2 million settlement is probably the most likely because that is the way it is with the American judicial system.

Anyone who has been to court in the US knows that the party spending the most money usually wins. Keven may see the dollar signs and give it all up for the 2 mil.

What? Me? Cynical? Why would you think that?


The latest on Lindsay Lohan is provided by her father, an admitted alcoholic and drug abuser himself. Michael Lohan, who had been estranged from his daughter, Lindsay, for three years, has now reconciled with Lindsay.

He is reporting that she intends to stay in rehab for another two-three months to be sure that she has the monkey off her back permanently this time.

Michael also says that Lindsay intends to give up show business and her Mercedes for the time being and concentrate on her current hobbies like mucking up horse manure and gardening. The elder Lohan stated that Lindsay wants to move away from the Hollywood types that influenced her into drinking and drugging too much--the type of people who are bad for her.

If Lindsay is still blaming her addictions on her choice of friends, do you really think she is cured? I had heard that an important part of rehab was the willingness to take responsibility for your actions rather than blaming your addiction on others.

But what do I know?

I know that I would have a hard time opting for manure mucking and gardening over a Mercedes. It sounds like ol' Lindsay could really use some extra time in rehab because she still does not seem to be placing the blame for her troubles where the blame really lies--with herself and the choices she makes.

But she can afford to take another 2-3 months off. She earns just a tad above the minimum wage, doesn't she?

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