Saturday, August 11, 2007

Britney Spears Could Lose Her Kids

Britney Spears erratic and irresponsible behavior has given her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, a reason to petition the court for full custody of their two children, Sean and Jayden. Federline did just that on Thursday, petitioning the court for full custody. If the judge grants Federline’s request, Britney could lose her shared custody of her sons.

Britney has been in rehab earlier this year for alcohol addition, plus she has had negative publicity recently when she rammed her Mercedes into another vehicle (see the video) and when a story surfaced that she had engaged in a middle of the night groping incident in a public hotel swimming pool with one of the extras from her recent video shoot.

The photo below shows when one of the paparazzi caught Britney sans underwear as she exited her vehicle. The incident reinforced the public perception that Britney seems continually to make poor decisions.

People magazine is reporting that "Kevin is worried Britney is exposing the boys to unnecessary risk. His lawyer hopes to get Kevin primary custody."

Spears and Federline’s divorce was recently finalized in late July; however, Kevin only reluctantly signed the final papers because he was concerned with Spears recent erratic behavior.

Any judge that does not at least seriously consider Federline’s custody request would be acting irresponsibly because Britney has publicly proven that she is not always capable of wise judgment. News reports regarding Britney have been full of immature behavior on the singer’s part.

Her behavior may now come back to bite her.

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