Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hiltons Slight Prisoners

CanWest News Service and the Canadian National Post reported Wednesday that Paris Hilton’s parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, reportedly cut in line ahead of others prison visitors in order to get in to see their daughter sooner.

Naturally, this report prompted more complaints that Paris, the heiress, is indeed receiving special treatment at the jail.

What is it with the Hilton family? Why do over privileged folks not understand that they are nothing special?

That is the real problem here.

Paris and her parents actually believe that they are deserving of special treatment and do not belong standing in line with the rest of us.

It is pretty apparent that Rick and Kathy Hilton have raised Paris to believe that playing by the rules is one rule that belongs only to the lower classes of society. Their behavior throughout this ordeal that the Parisian has been living through is a very clear indication that they believe that such rules do not apply to them.

The Hilton’s line cutting resulted in some visitors’ visits being cut short, while other visits were delayed only for the purpose of allowing the Hiltons to see the Parisian at their convenience.

Although few of us like the idea of the Hiltons cutting in line, they are either very brave or incredibly short of intellect. My guess is the latter.

It has been widely reported, for example, that the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles houses quite a few murderers. Insulting a mother murderer or a father rapist does not sound like an intelligent plan to me.

“Oh, we will just jump ahead of the family of the guy who just cut off his mother’s head. What is he going to do? Kill us?

Hey! This is LA. Stranger things have happened here.

My old man taught me to pick my fights, and it was a wise lesson I learned. Maybe Rick Hilton was in bed sick on the day when his father was meting out such wisdom.

How can one ignore a concept as basic as the one that tells you that prisoners have a tendency to remember when they have been slighted. That is why they are prisoners. They have acted violently when slighted in the past. And history does repeat itself--often.

Wouldn’t that be a twist to this bizarre tale. Kathy or Rick Hilton stabbed while visiting the Parisian. Wouldn't the media have a field day with that?

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