Friday, April 20, 2007

Redneck Pig

City Slicker, Jim Bob stopped in to see his cousin, Billy Ray, whom he hadn’t seen for a couple of years. As he drove in to the farmyard, Jim Bob couldn’t help but notice a three legged pig running around in the farmyard.

After a little small talk, Jim Bob finally had to ask Billy Ray about the three legged pig.

"Wal, dat dere is the best dern pig I ever had," said Billy Ray. "He helps round up all of the cows without any help, and he comes and fetches me right away if any of the horses get out of the corral."

Jim Bob was impressed.

"Not only that," said Billy Ray. "He came and woke me up one night when the barn started on fire. That pig, wakin’ me like that, saved me losin’ a bunch of my stock and saved me a whole lot ‘o money. Wal, I coulda lost the whole barn."

Again, Jim Bob was impressed.

"But, the best thing he ever did was save the life of my two-year-old son, Linus. Linus wandered out onto the highway over yonder just when a big semi was steamin’ down the road. That pig ran out into the highway and dragged young Linus back to the side of the road kickin' 'n screamin'. That semi would have hit and killed Linus, as sure as I’m standin’ here."

"Well, Billy Ray, that’s just remarkable, that a pig could do that," said Jim Bob. "But, why does it have only three legs?"

"Wal," said Billy Ray. "When ya’ have a terrific pig like that, ya’ don’t want to eat it all at once."

Copyright 2007. Seamus McCafferty. All rights reserved.

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Anonymous said...

I applaud Billy Ray Cyrus for taking a risk by going on Dancing With The Stars and learning the ballroom dances. He contributed a needed sense of realism to the show and tackled each dance with gusto and determination. My personal favorite dance team is Ian and Cheryl. They have so much personality and give each dance 100% effort. Ian is not a professional dancer (like Joey) or a professional athlete (like Apolo and Laila), so he's at a natural disadvantage, but yet he can go toe-to-toe with them in talent. Last week Ian received six straight "9s" from the judges. I hope he surprises everyone by giving his best performances in the next two weeks and capturing the trophy. If you like Ian and Cheryl, please do your part to vote for them on Monday -- vote 4 times for each phone number and 4 times online. Also, Ian has really cool videos on his websites at and and there you can sign up to receive his fun email blasts.

McCafferty Himself said...

Well, Daisy, you obviously like Ian and Cheryl. But why do you ask people to vote for them 4 times and not 3 or 5? Is 4 a magic number?