Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guns and Wicked Girls in Bikinis - Video

If you ever thought that guns went well with young girls in bikinis, you were simply wrong dude, regardless of what some gun magazines want you to believe. We have posted proof of our assertion that, while bimbos and bikinis may seem a natural combination, mixing guns with bikinis is as unnatural as it comes.

In fact, such a union might just turn out lethal.

Please bear that in mind while watching our first video:

Those last two girls in the vid were just plain dangerous. The one sitting on the bicycle handlebars just missed shooting off her feet by only inches. When this lady is armed, she is truly a lethal weapon. Lethal to whom is the question.


We do not want you to think of us as male chauvinist pigs, so that is why we included the second video about girls, bikinis and guns. Unlike the women of our first video, these young bikini-clad women of our second video prove they know their way around a weapon.

Take Sidney, for example, the young blonde woman in the red, white and blue bikini firing the Tech 9:

Sidney is proof we are not sexist because this girl knows how to handle a Tech 9, a small, lightweight automatic handgun weighing only 4.5 pounds. The Tech 9 fires 9mm ammunition and is popular because of its small size and light weight.

The Tech 9 is available as a semi-automatic or fully-automatic weapon, although fully automatic guns are illegal in the US.

Sidney is also popular because of her small size and light weight. Not only that, it is our guess that she could handle her own in a fire fight, but we do not know if Sidney qualifies as semi or fully automatic. The fact that she wears a bikini is totally irrelevant and beside the point.

Gloria models the AK47, which is the weapon of choice for most of the world's terrorists. The AK47 is cheap and remarkable strong and virtually indestructible.

The AK47 fires 7.26mm ammunition and weighs in at just under 9.5 pounds. Many a US soldier who has seen combat will recognize the distinctive sound of the AK47.

We know you want to know if Gloria is cheap, strong and indestructible too, but we are not going there. Sometimes saying less is better than saying more. We are unsure whether Gloria's sound is distinctive or not.

We could continue all day inflicting innuendo upon innuendo about the other young models in our videos, but we know that watching is much more fun than merely reading about it.

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Connie said...

Those two girls on the bike are menaces to themselves and anyone around them. YIKES! What fools! I can't believe someone would stand there and take a video of them either, not once but twice. They could easily have been in their line of fire.

I hope you have a good week, McCafferty.

McCafferty Himself said...

You said it, Daisy. In this case there is no fool like a young fool, and those two girls take the cake. It is absolutely amazing no one was hurt in the filming of that video.