Friday, September 19, 2008

John McCain, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Joe Biden Sing and Breakdance

Since the presidential election campaign seems to go on forever and ever, we thought it was time for a little recreation for the candidates--that's recreation as in singing and dancing. We offer you John McCain and Sarah Palin performing a number from High School Musical 3 in our first video.

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In our second video we find Barack Obama, John McCain and Joe Biden doing a breakdance as only Washington politicians can:

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George Bush has begun packing up his belongings because inauguration day is not that far away, and either Barack Obama or John McCain will inhabit the White House come January.

In keeping with the election year theme of change, Barack Obama, John McCain, George Bush and others perform a special version of The Times They Are a Changin'.

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George Bush Dances the Can Can
Hillary Clinton Stars in Song and Dance Routine as Chiquita
Hillary Clinton Graffiti
Bill Clinton Graffiti
George Bush's Satellite Dish

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Connie said...

HA HA HA! Those were great, McCafferty! What fun! Who knew the candidates could sing and dance like that. I bet they enjoyed that little musical break from the campaign trail. :D

I love JibJab. They have such creative ideas there.