Saturday, May 31, 2008

Japanese Bikini Car Wash and World's Shortest Runway - Video

Our first video comes straight from an air show where the pilots perform tricky maneuvers that make you wonder why they don't get killed. This pilot lands his plane on a moving runway that is not much longer than the plane itself. Quite Remarkable.

I guess that pilot skill tells it all, and this pilot lets his skill shine through.

Now that is some remarkable flying, but can he do it in a Boeing 767? Seriously, that must be the shortest runway ever, and the only other moving runways I can think of are on aircraft carriers.

Learning how to perform that trick might place you in harm's way because you would have to make the landing on your first try.

This next video comes from an auto commercial that was supposed to play in the US, but I have not seen it yet. It adds an entire new twist to videos with scantily clad beauties washing your car in the school parking lot.

It has the plenty of water fights and very little clothes worn by the washers, but...well, you pretty much need to see it to understand. Watch.

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Connie said...

Being in that airplane landing on the shortest runway would scare the heck out of me.

Come to think of it, having my car washed by those guys in the second video would scare me too!! YIKES! HA! 8-O I love the couple looking on in horror at the end.

Every time I see Sumo wrestlers wearing those things that look like giant diapers to me, I just want to say, "Put some clothes on for Pete's sake, would you, PLEASE! :D