Sunday, March 9, 2008

Redneck Taxicab, Redneck Ferrari, Redneck Car Wash and Redneck Power Windows

The New York City taxicab drivers must have negotiated a very lucrative contract after their strike last year because it is not often that you see a Ferrari being employed as a gypsy cab.

The real issue in the strike was GPS tracking of the taxicabs, but money is always a factor in any contract negotiations. However, any cabbie would have to drive a whole lot of hours each week no matter what rate he is charging in order to afford a ride like this Ferrari.

Perhaps this is another example of an eccentric billionaire wanting to add a little excitement to his life, ala New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The New York mayor certainly did not run for mayor of the big apple for the money.

The driver of this red hot Ferrari taxicab must enjoy something about the New York cabbie lifestyle to entice him to convert his very expensive Ferrari into a taxi. Perhaps it is the danger zone the cabbies work in.

Taxi drivers seem to be facing ever greater on the job dangers these days. Maybe this redneck is determined to live his life to the fullest, even if his life is cut short over it.

Well, at least there is economy of space involved here. We only have to write about one photo to cover both redneck ferraris and redneck taxicabs.

Our road construction redneck is an example of absolutely classic redneck thinking. Can’t you just envision the road construction foreman looking over his blueprints?

“My prints tell me to build this road right where that power line pole is, and that is where I am going to build it.”

Maybe the foreman is attempting to embarrass one of his supervisors at work. What ever the reason, this road construction snafu may very well result in someone getting the pink slip.

The first video is classic redneck car wash material. The poor fellow driving the white sedan must have had one dreadful day after this car wash episode.

The second video is very entertaining. Who woulda thunk it? Redneck power windows on a pickup truck. I am impressed with this guy’s imagination.

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