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A Raft of Irish Drinking Stories, Blessings and Proverbs

It is our pleasure to present a raft of Irish drinking stories, Irish Blessings and Irish Proverbs. One of the special enjoyments of indulging in these Irish treasures is the absence of any hangover the morning after.

Doctor O’Dwyer, an Irish psychiatrist working at a New York mental asylum, planned to take some of his more well-adjusted patients to a New York Yankees baseball game. So, for a few weeks in advance, he coached them on their behavior and how they should respond to his commands while attending the game.

Once game day arrived, his patients appeared to be responding well to his orders. The national anthem began playing and the good doctor ordered, "Up Nuts," and his patients all promptly stood up.

When the anthem had finished, he yelled, "Down Nuts," and all of the patients immediately sat back down.

The home team hit a home run, so Doctor O’Dwyer yelled, "Cheer Nuts." The patients obediently applauded and cheered.

Then the umpire made a close call against Derek Jeter, a Yankees star player. So the doctor yelled, "Boo Nuts!" and his patients began booing.

The doctor was very pleased about how well things were going, so he decided to go to the men’s room leaving his medical assistant in charge.

But upon returning, the doctor found a riot, and his patients were in fist fights with the nearby fans. The doctor pushed his way through the fighters, found his assistant and asked, "Good Lord, man! What on earth happened?"

His assistant replied, "Everything was going just fine until a vendor walked by and yelled, "Peanuts!"

An Irish blessing by E. Gary Brooks, a remarkable poet:

Take me home to Shamrock Hill
The glorious place of my birth
Where the glens are green and the heather grows,
‘Tis the prettiest place on earth.
The wind blows free and the air is fresh
And I still hear a rippling rill.
My heart is sad, but it could be glad.
Take me home to Shamrock Hill.


A true Irishman can argue either side of a question, often at the same time.


Paddy Harrington and Mick O’Shea were strolling home after a night of Guinness when a severed head suddenly rolled along the ground landing right at their feet.

Mick picked up the head and held it up to his face saying to Paddy, "Saints preserve us Paddy! But, doesn’t that look like Sean to you."

Paddy replied, "No Mick, Sean was taller than that, he was."

May joy and peace surround you,
Contentment latch your door,
And happiness be with you now
And bless you evermore.


It was teacher appreciation day at Saint Mary’s school in County Cork, and Miss O’Hara, a kindergarten teacher sat at her desk receiving gifts from her students.

Tommy Flanagan, the florist's son, handed her his present. Miss O’Hara shook it and held it above her head saying, "I’ll bet I know what this is. It’s Flowers.”

"That's right!" Tommy said. "How did you know?"

“It was just a wild guess,” said Miss O‘Hara.

Molly Kane, the candy store owner's daughter, brought up her present next. Miss O’Hara held the gift aloft, shook it a bit and said, "I know what this is. It‘s a box of candy!”

“Wow! That's right, Miss O‘Hara! But how did you know?" asked Molly.

“Just a lucky guess, Molly” Miss O’Hara said.

Next was Billy Kelly, the liquor store owner's son. Billy presented a large box to Miss O’Hara, who, again, held the gift high over her head.

This gift was leaking, so Miss O’Hara dabbed a drop of the leakage on her finger and tasted it. "Is it wine?” she asked.

“No, Miss O’Hara,” Billy replied.

The teacher tasted another drop of the leakage with her tongue. "Perhaps it’s champagne?" she asked.

“No, Miss O‘Hara,” Billy again replied, smiling because the teacher could not guess his present.

Then Miss O’Hara said, “I give up, Billy. What is it?”

Billy answered, “It’s a puppy!”


May you be half an hour in Heaven Before the Devil knows you’re dead.


And Have you forgotten that U2 is from Ireland? Now there is an accomplished band. Here is Beautiful Day by U2.

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