Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Even More of the Funniest Elliot Spitzer Jokes - Videos - Cartoons

Yet even more of the best of the Elliot Spitzer jokes. In case you hide your head in the sand, Elliot Spitzer was the governor of New York until the FBI recently caught him in a prostitution sting operation.

Because there are so many good jokes to choose from, we are adding an unprecedented third post in a row on the foibles of one Elliot Spitzer, that lucky guy.

This from Jay Leno:

"According to the FBI wiretap, they had the transcript, Gov. Spitzer was listed as Client No.9. No. 9? He's the governor, who were the eight guys in front of him? You'd think as governor, you'd at least get to go first."


David Letterman's Top Ten Surprises at Elliot Spitzer's resignation:

Also from David Letterman:

"In their investigation of the Eliot Spitzer scandal, law enforcement officials found that the Emperors Club escort service called Spitzer by the code name 'Client 9.' But according to the escorts who actually slept with him, he's more of a 'Client 4 1/2,' if you know what I'm saying."



From Comedy Central and Jon Stewart and the Daily Show:

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