Saturday, November 3, 2007

Redneck Car Surfing Videos

It is car surfing and it is huge on Of course, it is not the brightest young men who are doing it. You might say kids with the classic redneck mentality are the ones who embrace it.

Yes sir! I am going to get myself a $35,000 vehicle, saddle myself with $600 monthly payments, and then I am going to foolishly crash that truck into a phone pole. This is so much fun! Why didn’t I think of this before?

Perhaps once this genius realizes the error of his ways, he will steal someone else’s vehicle to use for such pranks. However, that will not pay for his hospitalization expenses. Hopefully, he has good insurance.

Below is another genius car surfer reportedly driving at 70 mph.

Well, at least that one survived and didn’t even crash. Who knows how he braked the vehicle.

Here is one more, and this one is slightly safer, but still very dangerous. I guess boys will be boys.

Notice how the license plate is clearly visible in all of the videos. An enterprising police officer could quite easily go after these young men, if he wanted.

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