Saturday, September 22, 2007

Redneck Wireless Telehone Call

Sometimes you get that phone call that you simply have to take. But, when nature calls, you really cannot ignore that either. The result might very well end up like this, except that this redneck men’s room has no walls.

Well, that simply makes for more interesting conversations and undoubtedly for some animated observations from the voyeur in all of us.

Personally, I am going to hang around to see if that woman in 44D intends to take a shower this morning. Rumor has it that she uses soap-on-a-rope, and that is something that really should be verified first hand.

You simply cannot delegate responsibility for a duty as solemn as that, nor would I stoop to burdening others with such a daunting task. I just will not presume to ask another to perform a chore that I am not willing to undertake myself.

Although, for some reason, I sense that the building’s water pressure may be compromised a tad today. Perhaps it has something to do with a rumor going around regarding a city condemnation order.

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David Oliver said...

You know, this gives a whole to meaning to the phrase, "what's wrong with this picture." :)