Friday, August 24, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Beats System, Gets One Day in Jail

Lindsay Lohan entered a plea agreement in Los Angeles County Superior Court that allows her to serve only one day in jail.

Lohan was charged with seven misdemeanor counts stemming from two drunken driving arrests in the last four months.

Felony charges of possession of cocaine were not filed because of the small of cocaine Lindsay possessed when she was arrested.

Lindsay is shown here smiling. You would be smiling too if you just avoided what might have been a long jail sentence.

Lohan also must serve tens days of community service and complete a drug treatment program.

Lindsay proved that it pays to have good lawyers because it was reported earlier that she could have received a sentence of at least a year in prison.

Los Angeles court officials stated that Lohan received the same sentence that anyone else would get. That seems a bit hard to believe considering the sentence Paris Hilton received earlier this year.

Paris spent 23 days of a 45 day sentence she received for lesser charges.

If I ever get arrested in LA, give me the phone number to Lindsay's lawyers. I would take one day in jail over 23 days any time.

Lindsay also received 36 months probation, which may be the most telling of her sentence. Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers stated that Lindsay could face more severe penalties if she violates her probation.

Meyers stated that Lohan could get a much stiffer sentence in that event--as much as one year on each drunk driving and cocaine possession charge; however, it would be at the judge's discretion.

The only way Lindsay is going to make it through three years' probation is either to hire a chauffeur or to move out of California.

This girl has proven she is not capable of managing her addictions. Her last arrest came in July only 11 days after she was released from rehab.

One thing we can all count on is hearing more about Lindsay's troubles with the law.

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Unknown said...

Himself. This pisses me of big time. All ya need is money and you can flaunt all the laws of America. Disgraceful. I love America for its welcoming people but to see the rich do this brazen act with the help of high priced lawyers tells me that there is one law for the poor and one law for the rich in America.

A pity, but I still love visiting the USA.

McCafferty Himself said...

You are so right. The really good lawyers cost a fortune, and the only folks who can afford them are the rich folks.

Just do not get arrested in the USA unless you have big bucks.