Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Graffiti

Well, that sounds about par for the course. It certainly is in line with what we have heard about ol' LL, now isn't it?

Because Lindsay is currently in rehab at Malibu's Promises clinic for various addictions, a spokesperson announced that she will be canceling her 21st birthday party scheduled for July 2nd at the PURE nightclub in Las Vegas.

The National Ledger reports that PURE allowed Lohan to cancel her contract for her July 2nd date because Lindsay has agreed to make a future appearance.

This party promised to be one huge birthday bash lasting two days. And what does a 21st birthday give an addict reason to do? P-A-R-T-Y!

Of course, too much partying is what a rehab clinic is supposed to help prevent. Only time will tell if Lindsay will either end up walking the straight and narrow or return to her destructive ways of the past. It is hard to imagine a 20-year-old who already has such a destructive past, but she does.

Obviously the PURE nightclub staff thinks that Lindsay will be back partying old style. Nightclub folks know that once a party animal, always a party animal.

Before she entered rehab Lindsay was quoted as saying the following on the Ellen Degeneres Show: "I’m going to milk it,” she said. “It’s a big birthday and I think it's been a long time in coming for my friends in LA who have clubs … [after July 2nd they won't] have to worry about getting in trouble because I’m underage.”

Is that an alcoholic talking or what? Those who have been around alcoholics have heard a thousand different versions of those words, and we Irishmen know a little about alcoholics. My guess is that we haven't heard the last of Lindsay's partying.

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Anonymous said...

Finally something that normal people have that Lindsay won't. ALthough she's got a fancy car, personal make-up artist, famous friends, millions of dollars at least we all had 21st b-day parties... haha Linds. +1 to the normal people
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