Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Big Girl in the Shower

Think that animals do not know how to think or to enjoy life's simple pleasures? Think Again!

This big girl is one happy elephant, and who can blame her?

Do you wonder what is running through her mind? Let's listen in:

Aahh! Just turn on the shower massage, lean back and...yeah baby! Does that feel great or what?

You don't have to worry about punching the clock or beating the rush hour traffic. You don't even need to consider the water bill. Just let it flow.

I'll bet that human beings don't ever get it this good. I will take this over satellite TV any time.

You know, I think that one bull elephant at the gym yesterday had his eye on me. He was one buff bull. What a pair of pecs he had. That dude has to do a lot of bench presses to stay in that kind of shape.

And Girl? What was up with Brittany at work this morning? That girl has one major attitude problem.

If things are not done her way, then, as far as she's concerned, they are not worth doing.

Well, don't you dare call me racist, but that is what happens when you work with a pink elephant. That woman is just impossible to work with. Now if she were a gray like the rest of us, there would be no issues.

Try to tell management that. They insist that pink elephants are the same as everyone else. That will be the day--when pinks are the same as grays.

Some managers will never learn! Mixing pinks and grays is asking for trouble. Pinks just do not have the capacity for complex thought like grays do.

Pinks are only good for manual labor. They just were not meant to handle thinking about anything other than eating or sleeping.

Give a pink a broom and a warm bed, and she will purr like a kitten. But give her options, and she will be nothing but trouble.

Next thing you know, pink elephants will want to be able to vote. Then they will get as uppity as human beings.

Human beings: Now there was a mistake in God's master plan.

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