Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fantasy Chess Game Comes to Life - Funny Video

A fantasy chess game comes to life via the magic of animation (claymation). In this chess game, the knight can fly and the bishop swims. This is a real fantasy! And that's no oxymoron. Give this one a look:

It takes a great deal of time and talent to set up a vid like that. I have a difficult time just imagining how much time is spent on each frame of the video.


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Connie said...

That was fantastic! What a creative video. You're right---that must have taken a great deal of time to bring that all about. Thanks, McCafferty, I enjoyed that. :)

McCafferty Himself said...

You are welcome Daisy. The creator must have spent hours and hours on this. Wish I had that energy and that much extra time.