Friday, May 23, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Throws Tantrum, Stephen Colbert Mocks Him - Video

It’s ashamed I am for the Irish because Bill O'Reilly from The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News is one of us. Regardless of your politics, O'Reilly often is thought of as a bit of an ass because he has a reputation for behaving somewhat abusively.

Someone found an old tape of O'Reilly having an abusive meltdown from the early 1990's when he worked for Inside Edition. We thought we might share some of that and also share a funny reaction from Stephen Colbert from Comedy Central.

In the first video of O’Reilly’s meltdown we have inserted a few shots of a small three-year-old boy who is also having a meltdown. There might be a few similarities. Some have found it funny, but others have not. You can decide for yourself. O'Reilly uses the f-word a couple of times in his meltdown, so do not watch if that offends you. The three-year-old has better sense than to use the f-word in public.

Regardless, Stephen Colbert's version on the Colbert Report is very funny. Give a look.

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John Painz said...

That's a great follow-up from Colbert... thanks for posting it, hadn't seen that one! - J

McCafferty Himself said...

Glad to have done so John.

Connie said...

HA! HA! Loved the edited-in little kid throwing the tantrum. Very appropriate. :D

McCafferty Himself said...

Daisy, when in doubt, always employ kids, puppies or kittens. One of them will be sure fire winners.