Friday, April 11, 2008

More and More Blonde Jokes and Videos

Today we have yet more and more blonde jokes, along with some very clever blonde videos.

An attractive blonde was on her first date with a new gentleman friend whom she thought just might be Mr. Right. They were dining in an elegant first-class restaurant, and she especially wanted to make a good first impression.

But, suddenly, her onion soup got the best of her. Just as their waiter began serving the main course, the blonde released an enormous and embarrassing fart.

Completely mortified, she tried to cover up her distress by blaming the waiter. So she said, "Waiter! Please stop that immediately!"

"But, of course, mademoiselle," the waiter responded graciously. "Which way was it headed?"


Next we have a video of blonde stand-up comedienne Victoria Jackson regaling us with her version of a few blonde jokes:


And where, can blondes get away with just about anything if they are good looking? Las Vegas!

Two male casino dealers working at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas were assigned to a craps table in a remote corner of the casino. They noticed a buxom blonde heading their way.

The blonde, who was gorgeous, walked up to their table and said, "I would like to bet ten thousand dollars on one roll of the dice. But, I would feel a lot luckier if I rolled the dice while I was totally naked."

The dealers took one look at each other and immediately both agreed.

The beautiful blonde removed all of her clothes, stripping herself completely naked. She picked up the dice and began to shake them, which, of course, made some of her body parts shake too. The two dealers were in heaven watching the blonde shake and blow on the dice.

The blonde let the dice fly toward the other end of the table and then screamed, "I won! I won!" Then she started jumping up and down and, still naked, began hugging each of the dealers, who could not believe that this gorgeous, naked blonde was hugging each of them.

The blonde then picked up her money, gathered up her clothes and walked away.

The two dealers just stared at each other for a moment. Then the first one said, "What did she roll, anyway?"

The second dealer said, "What did she roll? I thought you were watching the dice!"


How about a little more Victoria Jackson a little earlier in her career when she was new in show business and appeared on the Johnny Carson Show?

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