Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alice Cooper, Richard Simmons Make it to the Super Bowl

These are two more Super Bowl ads that received a 96% favorable rating from the viewing audience, which made them two of the more popular ads shown during the big game. The first ad shows a business using carrier pigeons instead of FedEx to ship merchandise and is quite clever and very funny.

The second ad shows Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons, not a very likely combination, in a Bridgestone tire commercial. Simmons behaves at his usual level of maturity, which is slightly younger than a prepubescent 16-year-old.

His voice alone is hard to take, let alone his personality, but despite all of that, the ad comes off well anyway. Whoever created the ad presented Simmons as an annoyance, which is what he really is, making the ad that much better.

Whatever Simmons was paid for his work in the ad was too much. If I were driving the vehicle, not hitting Richard Simmons regardless of the tires involved would have been a major challenge. Ah, from my lips to God's ears.

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