Friday, December 21, 2007

Redneck Ambulance Crews

This first video should never happen, but it did. The incident took place in Ankara, Turkey, and the ambulance crew blamed the ambulance doors for not operating properly.

The second video is absolutely shocking. How anyone could perform that way on a job where someone’s life is at risk is truly unbelievable. The incident was reported in France and here is the original French account followed by a loose translation:

La vidéo se passe dans un tunnel de Moscou, au début une ambulance va perdre un patient. Une trentaine de voitures vont passer à côté de l'homme allongé sur la route sans s'arrêter.
Ce n'est que quelques minutes plus tard que l'ambulance va faire demi tour en prenant le tunnel en contre sens pour récuperer le passager manquant.

Translation: The video occurs in a tunnel from Moscow, at the beginning an ambulance will lose a patient. About thirty cars will pass without stopping near the man lying on the road. Then only a few minutes later the ambulance will turn around traveling through the tunnel against traffic to recover the missing passenger.

I believe that the language being spoken in the video is Russian.

The first two videos are included to put you in the proper frame of mind for the third video, which made me laugh out loud. It is absolutely hilarious.

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