Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens Wins Poll, Keeps Her Job

As promised we are posting the results of our poll about that oh so naughty Vanessa Hudgens. You will recall that we asked if should she be dismissed by the Disney Channel because she carelessly allowed nude photos of herself to be leaked onto the Internet.

Poor Vanessa has been the subject of intense scrutiny for two months now since the offending photographs seemed to spontaneously appear in virtually every corner of the Internet. It is rumored that even a few computer monitors at the Vatican in Rome strayed into the nether regions of the Internet for a gander at the risqué photos of the remarkably cute star of “High School Musical 2.”

Although we are certain that the Vatican’s purpose of visiting the loins of the Net was merely for educational reasons rather than simply prurient interest. How, for example, can a priest bestow a fitting penance to sinning parishioners without a complete understanding of the subject matter? He truly cannot. So, thus explains the only cause for any straying monitor from within the holy walls of the sacred Vatican City.

Hopefully, those wandering religious eyes had the prudence to protect their identity by using a proxy service. No need for the tabloids to cause a ruckus and turn a Hollywood un-scandal into a Vatican one.

Below is Vanessa’s video “Let’s Dance”

If you will recall the poll asked should Disney fire Vanessa Hudgens and hire someone new for the filming of High School Musical 3?

The possible answers:

1) Yes, Can the slut!
2) No, she’s way too cute.
3) No, make her wash my car while wearing her bikini instead.
4) Yes, and spank her in public.

Here are the Grand totals:
Yes - 29.2%
No - 70.8%

The results show a landslide victory for keeping Vanessa on to star in “High School Musical 3.”

The powers that be at the Disney Channel were obviously listening, because it was reported this week that, yes, Disney definitely intends to keep Vanessa on for HSM3. It was also reported that she has signed to do the sequel at a substantial raise, no less.

It obviously pays to be both talented and incredibly cute.

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