Friday, October 19, 2007

How Salma Hayek Got Her Breasts

Well, imagine that! Salma Hayek teaches us that there is yet one more use for holy water. It obviously pays to investigate the unknown. Can you imagine how Salma might look if she had not received quite as much assistance from the Good Lord in this department? Thank the Man upstairs for His divine intervention.

When God puts his hand into the mix, He obviously does not mess around. He gets the job done right. It is too bad that He did not have as much input when Britney Spears was in line to receive her behavior genes. Obviously, she was somewhat shortchanged in that area.

But, maybe it is not too late. What might happen if we follow the Brit around some night when she is out clubbing? We could mix a small dose of holy water into Britney’s vodka and tonic and see what develops.

Hmmm. Perhaps we should mix in a large dose? Because curing Britney’s behavior issues may prove to be quite a challenge, it would probably require a rather large dose. Maybe holy water comes in gallon jugs (sorry for the pun). While we’re at it, we better shoot for a keg or two.

On the other hand, if celestial inspiration can work such wonders in the arena of mammary enhancement, it stands to reason that it also may have some influence on the men’s side of the issue.

Then again, it is getting a bit late. It might be wise to leave penile enhancement for another time. Searching for an example of the Lord’s handiwork in this field leaves the patrons here at McCafferty’s Pub a little cold.

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